Courses and Clubs

These usually run during school term time, but please contact the office during the summer for events.


Malin Head’s Whist group has been running for over 10 years, beginning in the then parish hall, moving to Malin Head National School while renovations were taking place and now back in their permanent home in the centre.

The group meet every Monday night from 8pm, with players from a wide age range (from secondary school students to…… well a little bit older!), from all over Inishowen. The group welcomes new players all the time, so why not come for a game and a cup of tea. Book and Ticket €8 per night.

Thursday Luncheon Club

Each Thursday a group meet in Northern Bites for our luncheon Club. This is an informal meeting where anyone is welcome to come for a cup of tea and a chat. The group also sometimes take part in various games or more formal events. If you would like to join the group they meet at Northern Bites at 12pm all year round.

Drama Group

Emma Porter at Vivid Performances School of Speech and Drama, takes our 4-12 year olds for a Drama class each Wednesday from 7.30-8.30pm. This class runs during term time and has proven a very popular class, with end of term performances organised to show all the parents and grandparents their growing talent!

Irish Dancing

Sheila McLaughlin has been teaching Irish dancing in Malin Head for many years, and is well known throughout Inishowen for bringing prize winning students through various feis. Sheila now teaches her class in the centre on a Wednesday from 6.30pm.

Set Dancing Club

This Dancing club meet on a Wednesday evening, and can sometimes be seen leaving the hall late into the night as they are having so much fun! Everyone is welcome to join this group whether you would like to learn or if you are an experienced dancer, you will all have fun!

Set dancing is €3 per night.

Patchwork Classes

Local Seamstress Mary Doherty teaches beginners and advanced sewing in the centre at various times during the year. Previous classes have made some beautiful quilts and some lovely Christmas Crafts. The group have also been involved in exhibiting their works in the centre. Please contact the centre for details of the next class.